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    Recruitment | Adventure Island

    This item has not been rated yet. We covered over ten thousand kilometres. We were often hungry, tired, dirty and happy. The Supplier shall ensure that children are protected against sexual exploitation at any time or place and that the Supplier and its employees follow the Child-Protection Code against sexual exploitation of children.

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    Any suspicious behaviour from persons on the premises or on tour shall be reported to the local authorities. The Supplier shall ensure that its activities do not jeopardize the provision or integrity of basic services such as food, water, energy, healthcare or soil of any communities with which it works or of neighbouring communities.

    The Supplier shall not sell or promote souvenirs which contain historic and archaeological artifacts, except as permitted by law. The Supplier shall not offer excursions that harm people or cultures and shall operate any socio-culturally sensitive excursions based on Travelife codes of conduct in order to minimise any negative impacts of visitors.

    The Supplier shall limit its negative impact on local and global biodiversity wherever feasible, for example not including any species of wildlife on any menu or selling or promoting souvenirs made from species of wildlife. The Supplier shall not offer excursions that harm plants, animals, ecosystems or natural resources, and shall operate any environmentally sensitive excursions based on Travelife codes of conduct in order to minimise negative visitor impact. Here I learned how to make quick decisions and build a culture for our department to feel like a family.

    I was extremely proud of how far they had come. I was also given the opportunity to take ownership of running Adventure Inside during the week- not bad running a building at 19! After a year of diverting my attention to my own team, I was offered the opportunity of joining the Customer Services and Sales department, where I was welcomed with open arms. Whilst this postponed the time it would take to climb the hierarchy further I was delighted with this decision.

    The position has taught me a lot about the company and about myself- knowledge and skills that I will forever hold onto. I am very excited for what is to come and would like to congratulate everyone who made it to the end of this Bio. It would simply take too long to thank everybody for everything individually! Thank you all.

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    • Adventure Island Pay & Benefits reviews.
    • I started working at Adventure Island in July in the summer season as a ride host for the West Unders Rides department. I have had several achievements since working for Stockvale, including such things as; top of department for both west unders and west overs A. There are many skills that I have developed through my time spent as a host. My best memory of being a ride host was the fun filled atmosphere that was always in the air at the park. I also enjoyed being in the team that I was in as well, everyone was so warm and friendly and we were more like a family than just colleagues.

      Another memory of when I became a leader was when we had a morning meeting on communication where we got into partners and we had to guide our fellow leader around a course whilst they were blindfolded. This helped to bond the leadership team I feel.

      Not bad being 20 and being an acting supervisor of a company that I love! Working with amazing people such as Jake Lewis, James Miller, Elysia Clack and Jake Redfearn has also helped me massively as my progression as a leader to acting supervisor. I would like to thank them as well as my other fellow leaders for helping me and supporting me through everything that I have done.

      I now feel that not only are these people my managers and my colleagues but I also consider them my friends. From now, the journey that I am taking as an acting supervisor has only just begun and I feel that the only way is up for me and I will continue to improve and make myself better in every possible way to ensure that I am the best form of supervisor that I can possibly be.

      My name is Chay and I have recently been promoted to Acting Supervisor within the catering department. I started my tim e at adventure island on the go karts such a shock right. I joined April as a very average host who had hardly any confidence in the job or with people in general. Fast forward to the end of the summer season and I wanted to become one of the very best hosts in the park pushing myself to my limit.

      Then came the spring season in where I was told by my leaders that I should apply and send in an application to become a leader. I was unsuccessful my first time but upon this I got the opportunity to be invited to the leadership sessions and find out so much more about being a leader. I took this opportunity to work even harder than I previously was and I ended up finishing 3rd in the spring season the highest I ever finished.

      Then came another leadership interview I took all my knowledge from the leadership sessions into this interview and this time I was successful. The past year has been so different to what I ever thought it would be to leading the go karts all summer with Nathan.

      Shropshire Star

      I could thank so many people for moulding me into the leader I am today the first is Jake young for leader training me showing me a whole different insight into the department. Each of these zones have taught me what it means to be a leader and be adaptable and open to change. I would not be the leader I am today with out the support from other leaders, supervisors and managers; In Particular the east leaders, Isabelle, Ellis and Tom have each pushed and supported me through the past year to make me the leader I am today.

      Of course, thank you to my Managers Jake R, Jake L, Elysia and James for believing in me and trusting me throughout my journey at Stockvale and your continuing support. I have made so many friends and memories within the leadership team and am looking forward too many more. Jobs Available. We are always on the lookout for anyone who can join our outstanding company-wide teams, such as Ride hosts, Arcade Hosts and Cashiers etc. You are in a customer facing job and your basic job description is the same in all departments.