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The Boxcar family starts out on a one-day mountain climbing excursion that turns into a great adventure.

Bicycle Mystery: The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 15

They unearth some mysteries and have a fine time in the process. Years ago, a wealthy family lived in the Alden house.

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Suddenly, however, the Shaws moved to France, and that's when Mr. Alden bought the house. But that was over forty years ago, and very few people e The Boxcar Children are on a bus going to the Science and Hobby Fair when a bad storm hits and they're forced to stay in the bus station. But the mystery that confronts them there proves to be far mor The Boxcar Children take a wonderful trip down the Mississippi on a paddle-wheel steamer. But when they arrive at Cap Lambert's cabin, they find some mysterious things going on.

Is the cabin haunted? This time, the Boxcar Children and their grandfather are off to help out at a guide dog school. But when they arrive at the school, mysterious things start to happen. Benny sees strange lights in on Just enter your Email address below, and we'll sign you up for our free newsletter. What's in my cart?

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Check Out. The Braille books in this riveting series are full of an endearing mix of adventure, fun, mystery, and family that will intrigue blind middle-schoolers. Tell Me More.

The Missing Mummy

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Kids' Club Eligible. Jack Frost vs. NOOK Book. This was the day Mr. Alden was going to tell his four grandchildren about a plan he had made. When Grandfather came into the dining room for breakfast, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny were waiting.

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Henry said, "I'm afraid there is not much time left. Making the tree house for our neighbors took more time than we thought. Alden answered, sitting down. It won't take much time. She poured her grandfather's coffee. He put a lump of sugar into his cup.

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Benny began to think he could not wait another second. Then Grandfather looked up and smiled. You can stay overnight. Anytime, she said, just let her know when you are coming so she can have plenty for Benny to eat. Henry said thoughtfully, "We like the farm, but there aren't many adventures left there for Benny to work on. I don't want to walk. It isn't too far for that.

Alden agreed. You might ride your bikes right into an adventure. We wouldn't just whizz up to the farm in a car. We can take all the old back roads instead of the big highways.

We can even take it easy and stay overnight along the way. Alden nodded. There are motels where you can stay. We'll take our time. This will be fun. We can ride about fifty miles a day on our bikes if we have to. I have plenty of people to look out for me. Don't worry. And remember I will keep Watch. He is too old a dog to run after four bikes. We need one change of clothes, sweaters, and pajamas. Or we could sleep in Aunt Jane's barn — that would be an adventure.

The other things will fit in our knapsacks. He asked, "When do you want to start? We can telephone Aunt Jane and Uncle Andy tonight. Will our trip take about a week, Henry? After all, there was not much the Aldens were taking with them. Aunt Jane and Uncle Andy were delighted to hear about the plans for the bike trip. Aunt Jane said she would ask Maggie to cook all the things that Benny liked best.

The next morning the Aldens put their knapsacks on their backs. Everything else went on the carriers. They wheeled their bicycles around to the front door. Grandfather and Mrs.

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McGregor, the housekeeper, stood on the front porch. Watch sat at their feet. He seemed to know he was going to stay at home. He did not mind. It was not his idea of fun to run after bicycles. Then they headed toward the river road. When they were out of sight, Mrs. McGregor turned to go in. She said, "You have four grandchildren to be proud of, Mr. They know how to get themselves out of trouble without any help.

I hope Benny will find an adventure on this trip.