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The New Look of Iowa's Chapter March 21, A marshal or police officer of a city, township, or special-purpose district or authority who is a member of a paid police department. A member, except a non-peace officer member, of the division of state patrol, narcotics enforcement, state fire marshal, or criminal investigation, including but not limited to a gaming enforcement officer, who has been duly appointed by the department of public safety in accordance with section A conservation officer or park ranger as authorized by section A.

A permanent or full-time fire fighter of a city, township, or special-purpose district or authority who is a member of a paid fire department. A peace officer designated by the department of transportation under section Beenken, Katherine Shareholder. Phone: Email: kbeenken ahlerslaw. Bracken, Andrew Shareholder. Email: abracken ahlerslaw. Galloway, Michael Shareholder.

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David Cappelucci Follow. David here — conversationalist, entrepreneur,writer. The Intelligent Investor Series Follow. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal. Registration evidence of ownership; ownership evidence of defendant's responsibility for conduct of operation. Declaration of purpose. Salvage and other vehicles — titles and registration cards to be branded. Failure to disclose damage to a vehicle shall be a misdemeanor.

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  • North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 20. Motor Vehicles!
  • Transfer by owner. Transfer by owner when a certificate of title is unavailable; consumer remedies. New owner must get new certificate of title. Penalty for making false statement about transfer of vehicle. When transferee is a charitable organization, dealer, or insurance company. Conditional delivery of motor vehicles. Title lost or unlawfully detained; bond as condition to issuance of new certificate.

    Transfer by operation of law; sale under mechanic's or storage lien; unclaimed vehicles.

    The New Look of Iowa's Chapter 20

    When Division to transfer registration and issue new certificate; recordation. Terminal rental adjustment clauses; vehicle leases that are not sales or security interests. Dealer license plates. Special sports event temporary license plates.

    Use of temporary registration plates or markers by purchasers of motor vehicles in lieu of dealers' plates. Limited registration plates. Transporter plates. Requirements to establish a special registration plate. Special registration plates. Special registration plates for elected and appointed State government officials. Special registration plates for members of the judiciary. Fees for special registration plates and distribution of the fees.

    Expiration of special registration plate authorization. Collegiate insignia plates and certain other special plates. Registration by nonresidents. Permanent registration plates; State Highway Patrol. Definition; reciprocity; Commissioner's powers. Schedule of fees. Registration by mail; one-day title service; fees. Penalty for engaging in a "for-hire" business without proper license plates. International Registration Plan. Passenger vehicle registration fees.

    Chapter 20

    Interchange of passenger buses with nonresident common carriers of passengers. Property-hauling vehicles. Revocation of registration for failure to register for or comply with road tax or pay civil penalty for buying or selling non-tax-paid fuel. Registration of logging vehicles. Late fee; motor vehicle registration. Driver education.

    Iowa Legislature - Agency

    Audit of vehicle registrations under the International Registration Plan. Partial payments. Prorated fee for license plate issued for other than a year. Detaining property-hauling vehicles or vehicles regulated by the Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Unit until fines or penalties and taxes are collected.

    Taxes credited to Highway Fund; municipal vehicle taxes. Vehicles junked or destroyed by fire or collision.

    Search North Carolina General Statutes

    Certain business vehicles to be marked. Conspicuous disclosure of dealer administrative fees. Conspicuous disclosure of dealer finance yield charges. Conspicuous disclosure of dealer shop and other service-related fees. Report of stolen and recovered motor vehicles. False report of theft or conversion a misdemeanor.

    Report of failure to return hired motor vehicles.

    Reports by owners of stolen and recovered vehicles. Action by Division on report of stolen or embezzled vehicles. Receiving or transferring stolen vehicles. Fraud in connection with rental of motor vehicles. Sublease and loan assumption arranging regulated.

    Kentucky Administrative Regulations

    Injuring or tampering with vehicle. Vehicles or component parts of vehicles without manufacturer's numbers. Altering or changing engine or other numbers. Surrender of titles to salvage vehicles. Surrender of title to manufactured home. Disposition of vehicles abandoned by charitable organizations.