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The philologists tell us that the correct French of today is made up of all the mistakes of the French of yesterday and that one should not fight against barbarisms and solecisms that will be the French of tomorrow.

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Saisi un. Seized one. To be very frightened. Grand , devant un nom: "il a grand mal".

Beaucoup or bien have the same function with verbs: "il souffre beaucoup , ou bien ". Grand , before a noun: "il a grand mal".

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One hears a lot: "avoir grand peur". But "avoir peur" is a verb and one also hears "avoir bien peur". Et moi aussi, je suis philologue! And I am a philologist too! Jerusalem artichoke. I love to hear Socrates fearing the microbes or praising French masterpieces. George Moore. Note: Venery.

The pursuit of sexual pleasure. But is it really "bilingualism"? When we think of the hunt, we also recall the vocabulary and formulas of hunting, or that of mechanics when we think of the motors of cars: how could it be otherwise? Gill, n. Estienne is considered to be the father of the French tank force. Note: G. Wild goose chase. Note: Fusion of two Fr. They defend it as if it were under threat, as if people ran the risk of idolizing death! Mac Orlan prefers the term Telephone Centre. That is the role of the writer and it is a strange one.

How does the receptive spirit relate to the creative spirit? Descartes, in the silence of his stove, would have a less human role, would leave fewer traces in life, than a young lady in the Central Bureau, stunned beneath her headphones? This is what that image, modern in itself, really means. Modernity even demands, it seems, that the arts change their condition. The bold author had dared to claim that Racine and Montaigne are surely unintelligible for those who do not see them as what they really were: neo-Latin writers.

You argue against those phrases solely and weakly articulated by adjectives and descriptive participles used as adjectives. We could derive from this two rules of formal syntax and style in French. First rule: the relative clause is, contrary to shallow belief, lighter and clearer than the so-called participle clause. Second rule: each present participle affixed to a noun that does not have the function of subject, will be considered heavy and incorrect.

Note: SD. Stephen Dedalus. George Stanislaus Dempsey. I have therefore been charged by our President to pay a visit to one of the most eminent philologists, in the name of the Grammar-Club. Between the representatives of such great bodies, there should be politeness if not sympathy.

Et cette nuance entre les deux tournures! And the nuance between the two clauses. The first contains a false reflexive, because the exhibition will not open itself, as oysters do; and the second has a true passive, without doubt and irrefutable. He told me he would come tomorrow. What is a conditional? Why do you call conditional, in your old grammars, what is a future in the past?

It is still a conditional because it is future reported without guarantee, an indirect future! Note: Muscle.


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Derived from Latin musculus little mouse. Note: According to some etymologists, the French verb briller to shine derives from the Latin beryllus beryl. Chair de poule. Goose bumps. Horrid comes from Latin horrere , to bristle.

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Jean Paulhan has written a nice booklet under the title of Si les mots sont des signes. He reminds us that in the beginning everything was a metaphor and that it would be silly to reduce everything to a pure meaning, fresh and pregnant. And still that is the strategy of the brilliant M. Claudel in his famous translations.

Il est midi. It is noon.

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Midi moins cinq. Five to twelve. In Argot , Il est midi can indeed mean: too late, nothing doing. Oridnary people prefer to say il est midi when they mean trop tard , or even impossible! Or they say moins cinq to say: cela a failli arriver. Imagine that these allusive metaphors and their like would all end up as good usage: that would be the end of all logical and direct expressions of facts and ideas; that would be the end of articulate language.

Even our mediocre writers have noticed that they do not think anymore, do not express themselves other than with images. This is a very grave symptom. Le sujet parlant. The speaking subject. And still we are speaking subjects. For the Quartermaster general, there are no people, just ration eaters, for a member of parliament there are only voting tickets; for the linguist there are only speaking subjects.

Michel was founded by St. Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, in , by order of the archangel Michael, who appeared to the bishop in a vision. Since the time this new order was established, its assemblies were always held at the Mount, until the reign of Louis XIV when they were transferred to the Chamber of Cordeliers in Paris. Note: L. Immensi tremor oceani. The tremor of the huge ocean. The Great Bear plunges with its lower part into the sea of steam like a chariot sunk in quicksand of which one only sees the shaft.

Note: See k. Les Bretons disaient:. A mis le Mont en Normandie. Les Normands ripostaient:. Before, it passed on the right.