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But can Auum and Takaar overcome their differences and work together to save Calaius? And even if they can, is it not already too late? Blood and Fire has a simple premise of nomadic fantasy nations warring over diminishing resources; it has a strong twist with a main character who uncovers a series of game-changing government lies; it combines politics, war and romance into a gripping story. This is also a bold proposal: our hero may have uncovered the truth, but that doesn't mean he can prove it.

If he wants to save his team he may have to abandon them. If he wants to win the girl he'll have to persuade her not to turn her back on him. If he wants to prove the lies, he may have to risk a descent into madness. The Elves have been driven out of their capital. The invading forces of Mankind, backed by the terrifying power of their mages have taken hundreds of elves as hostages and have now begun to plunder the sacred jungles of Calaius.

The remaining free Elves have gathered, under the leadership of the Taigethan warrior Auum, in the jungles around the city and have begun a hopeless guerilla war to harass the invading forces. But for every man killed dozens of captured Elves are slaughtered. There seems to be no hope. Even Takaar, Lord of the Taigethan, returned from self-imposed exile seems overwhelmed by madness. But perhaps salvation lies with him afterall. James Barclay's Elves are lethal warriors, skilled in bushcraft, mystically linked to nature.

But now they face their sternest test: a magic that breaks all of natures rules. A magic that mankind uses without fear or discretion. Is this the end for the Elven race? The elves have fled to Calius, seeking to escape the overwhelming power of the demonic Garonin. A desperate last stand in their own dimension saved the race, at the cost of , elves lost to the Garonin. The elf who led that fight, Takaar, is blamed for the losses and has gone into hiding.

Now the weakened elf race is tearing itself apart in civil war, human mercenaries have arrived in Calius and are ripping the continent apart. Only one elf can unite the elves. And only one elf believes in him. A young warrior named Auum sets out to bring back the shamed hero and save the elven race. James Barclay's ELVES trilogy will tell the whole story of his immortal elven race, and will appeal to all fans of Tolkien and fantasy - this is a uniquely entertaining take on a fantasy staple perfect to bring new readers to Barclay.

And old readers of James Barclay will welcome a return to one of their favourite creations and will also love seeing one of their favourite characters again - the Tai Gethan warriror Auum destined to be one of the Raven.

The Raven have fought together for years, six men carving out a living as swords for hire in the war that has torn Balaia apart, loyal only to themselves and their code. But when they agree to escort a Xesteskian mage on a secret mission they are pulled into a world of politics and ancients secrets. For the first time The Raven cannot trust even their own strength and prowess, for the first time their code is in doubt.

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How is it that they are fighting for one of the most evil colleges of magic known? Searching for the secret location of Dawnthief; a spell that could end the world? Aiming not to destroy it but to cast it. Now, his band of slightly ageing past-their-prime mercenaries, The Raven, are back and attempting to right the wrongs from the previous story. The Dawnthief spell has been cast but it has ripped apart a hole between dimensions that will allow an invasion of dragons into Balia and signal the land's destruction. The Raven are forced into an alliance with Sha-Kaan, a dragon whose brood are fighting a desperate war in the dragon dimension.

Or should she be helped? Something has to be done before Balaia is torn apart. The Raven are called together once again and face an agonising and heartbreaking mission. Can they kill a four year old girl? Can they afford not to? It is dilemma that will set friend against friend, father against mother, Raven against Raven. Can the Raven survive? James Barclay - Science Fiction / Science Fiction & Fantasy: Books

Or will they tear themselves to pieces before they can save Balaia? With Nightchild James Barclay brings his remarkable debut trilogy to a stunning and startling conclusion. The book picks up from the previous entry as the Raven are faced with a terrible moral dilemma: Lyanna, the daughter of Raven warrior Denser and mage Erienne, has been blessed or cursed with the power of The One. This power is threatening the very land of Balaia and the four magic colleagues who are desperate to control the power or stop it--even if that means killing a five year old girl.

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Erienne, fearful for the life of her daughter, goes into hiding and the Raven have little time to find her. When they do, they face a terrible choice that none of them want to make. Nightchild is a cracking finale to what has been a real treat for fans of action-based fantasy.

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Barclay's prose and characterisation has improved massively with each book and this last in the trilogy is the most satisfying yet. The characters are all like good friends and their relationships have never before been this complicated or tested so much to the limit.

Nightchild: Chronicles of the Raven, Vol. 3

Barclay doesn't hold back as usual in the battle scenes which are as exciting and adrenline-pumping as always, but neither has he ever been one to take the easy route with characters and many readers will be surprised by the denouement which, while effectively tying up many loose ends, also opens up possible avenues for future books.

The Raven stories have been some of the best new fantasy novels in many a year and will deservedly be cherished for future generations by many fans.

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They may lack the minute detail of Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series or the sweeping historical feel of George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire , but James Barclay has shown lovers of action fantasy everywhere just exactly how it should be done. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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There may be some dog-eared pages showing previous use but overall a great book. Of particular note with these novels is the way Barclay perpetuates the action by consequence. Each triumph that The Raven achieves dictates the next problem they must face. It is an astonishingly successful and for the reader compulsive storytelling device. In the latest release, Nightchild , the consequence in question is Lyanna, a child conceived by two of the mages in The Raven.

Five years have passed since the events in Noonshade , and The Raven have gone their separate ways. War-ravaged Balia is slowly healing, but this process is being hampered by freak weather conditions that are battering the land, conditions attributed to disturbances in the mana field that runs through all things. It becomes clear that Lyanna is the cause of all this, the product of a union between two of the great colleges and the likely focus of a daunting prophesy that will bring about the end of the collegiate system that has been in place for hundreds of years.

At the age of four, Lyanna is too young to control the wild and immensely powerful mana that courses through her and so she is taken by Erienne, her mother, to be guided and trained by a secretive sect.