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The main character was trying to prove to her overbearing brother's that she was not flighty or silly and was serious about her new profession as an interior decorator. Her brothers--who along with their best friend--were contractors. Their business is in trouble because they sunk all of their money into a golf course and it seems like someone was trying to sabotage them.

But they say she can decorate the model home I think it was the model. They ask the best friend main guy to watch out for their sister.

The best friend thinks the main character can do it but he tries to stay away from her because he is attracted to her and doesn't want to get involved. He thinks he owes her brothers since he came from the wrong side of the track. Of course they get together. I remember the main character has a jerk of an ex boyfriend. The main character's parents are dead. It's just her and her brothers and the parents have some "secrets" none of them want to tell each other about.

The main guy also says she can decorate his home--which he is building on the golf course. I know there is a second in the series with one of the brother's and the main female from this one's best friend. I just cannot remember the name or author! Oct 14, , am. I think he pretends to try and steal her purse or something and she pulls a shotgun on him. He asks her to help him find his sister who we later find out has been kidnapped and sold as a sex slave to someone in the Middle East. They end up going undercover and she intentionally gets kidnapped from a casino I think.

The hero flies to where the slave auction will be taking place it's their plan for him to buy her and they see each other again after a week or so. She gets taken up to the auction block, nude, and the hero is stunned by how beautiful she is.. Almost misses out on buying her.. Craziness ensues, they locate the sister, make contact with her, kidnap her back and make a mad dash to a waiting plane which flies them back to the states..

I cannot remember what happens next but of course in the end they live happily ever after If anyone can give me any ideas as to the title or author I would be ever so greatful! Thank you!!


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Oct 19, , pm. Please help - I'm trying to remember a book about an actress Jennifer? I think she has a child a little girl called Krista? In addition the book might also have had a secondary romance between a film producer female and her chauffeur. I can remember a scene in the book where she pulls the chauffeur into her car near the end of the book.

If anyone knows this book or either or these books please let me know. Ta very much, Steph. Oct 20, , am. I have been looking for these two books for about ten years now. The first book I bought at a used book store. I believe it is set during the medievil times. A woman was glove wedded to a man she had never met. He is very rich. His estates are near a convent and a group of mooks that help priest when problems come up.

A young handsome priest seducises the young wife that still has not met her husband.

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She becomes pregnant and the priest leaves promising to write when he finds a place for them both that is safe. The husband eventually walks in and sees his wife is very pregnant. I think he says something like "and who has had the pleasure". After the baby is born the husband takes it into town to show her off and she catches a cold. In the end the couple makes up. This is all I can remember.

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I hope someone knows this book. Oct 22, , am. I really hope someone can help me here! I've been tring to figure this out for years! I thought it wes called "unbound" or something simmilar But they didnt want to grow up or be separated and she ended up watching the boys have sex near a river and then joined them and they decided to run away together??

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I think well the running away together part, they definatley had the threesome. Anyway i hope this rings a bell with someone!! Beltane Fire Morgan Honeyman i was totally wrong on the cover thanks anyway! Oct 24, , pm. Nov 16, , am. Hi all, I've been looking for this book for years, and I cant for the life for me rmb the name of the book!!

It's a contemporary romance about a couple that has been separated or divorced, can't rmb which and they have a son who stays with the mum. He comes back one day for some reason and they start the relationship again. He tries to reconnect with her son, and one time he, the son and the mum went on outing on a boat.

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Her shirt gets wet and he gave her his shirt. In the end, after he got back together with the mum, she said after he left she was so angry that she threw her wedding ring into the river. Also the story seems like it could be by Lori Foster. Any help is highly appreciated! Nov 28, , pm. Edited: Dec 15, , pm.

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I would really appreciate if someone can tell me the title of this historical novel I read a few years back. I do not remember the author nor the characters name unfortunately. Here is some of the big details from the story. A The hero is a lord I am not sure if he was a duke, Earl etc B The hero was previously married to an unfaithful wife who supposedly killed herself but we later find out that she was killed by her lover whose baby she was carrying.

C Beginning novel we see The hero asking the heroine's grandparent for their daughter's hand in marriageWhich he automatically just assumes that the girl will accept because he is her last option to marry. D But the girl refuses his proposal without accepting her condition which is for him not to share her bed for either 6 or 3 months I for got exactly how much.

I believe she gave him 3 conditions total. E And the heroine is already in love with the hero because he was nice to her a few years back and asked her to dance at a ball. F the heroine's sister died suicide I believe So there is this gentleman's ring the heroine ALWAYS carries around The hero also owns the same ring and is part of the same club of the sister's boyfriend-the man the sister killed herself for.

The heroine wants to go to London so that she can investigate her sister's murder. Basically the sister's suicide and the ex's wife suicide are related to this guy that the hero is acquainted with and absolutely despisesHe was one of his ex wife's MANY lovers. Edited: Dec 16, , am. For dark and enigmatic Julian, Earl of Ravenwood, was a man with a legendary temper and a first wife whose mysterious death would not be forgotten. Some said the beautiful Lady Ravenwood had drowned herself in the black, murky waters of Ravenwood Pond.

Others whispered of foul play and the devil's wrath. Now country-bred Sophy Dorring is about to become Ravenwood's new bride.

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  5. Drawn to his masculine strength and the glitter of desire that burned in his emerald eyes, the tawny-haired lass had her own reasons for agreeing to a marriage of convenience. One was vengeance, and in its pursuit she would entangle Julian in a blackmail plot, a duel at dawn, and a dangerous masquerade. The other reason was dearer to her heart, but just as wild a quest: Sophy Dorring intended to teach the devil to love again.

    Dec 16, , pm. Ravenwood was the damn name that for the life of me I could not think of. And how on earth did I forget my favorite character's name; Sophy.. I am looking for book I think was published in the 80's.