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Publication Postcard. Our greenhouse gases are partly responsible for climate change. The ice in the Arctic is melting and native animals like the polar bear are losing their habitat. But where should they go?

This postcard is part of a series of three postcards that provide information on how the daily consumption of energy and raw materials in Germany can affect the Arctic. Read more about Sind wir noch zu retten? Every day we unconsciously use raw materials that are also mined in the Arctic.

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These are not only found in smartphones. The extraction of raw materials has a high impact on the environment. Those who use their devices for longer, conserve resources and support the preservation of the Arctic. Read more about Cooles neues Handy?

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Publication Flyer. Wie kann Deutschland dazu beitragen?

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In this flyer, the Federal Environment Agency summarises the essential information on the focal points of the environmental guidelines for a German Arctic policy. Ecologic Institute was responsible for creating the flyer based on the Federal Environment Agency's design. The images below were used to teach a useful expression in a different language every week during the summer of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Arctic Indigenous Languages.

Languages posters. Indigenous Languages Year. Language Vitality Today.

Traditional knowledge. Language revitalization initiatives Many revitalization efforts around the circumpolar Arctic are made possible with the help of community-based movements, new laws and state-funded institutions that protect Indigenous languages, regional Indigenous-owned corporations, and modern technology. Pinnguaq Association.

A “Science-Based Policy” on Arctic Ocean Oil Drilling in the United States

Urban Unangax Culture Camp. GiellaLT at UiT. Many discussions seem to be leading to new significant business initiatives. The concept includes solutions for harbour building and operations, infrastructure, logistics and transportation, ice-breaking and weather services. The concept consists of solutions for utilizing Arctic land and water supplies as well as natural resources, e. The concept includes the planning, building and material handling of offshore structures as well as logistics and oil recovery solutions.