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Huckleberry Ripples: A Calming Cordial. Sep 7, Sep 3, Reflections on August and a Cheerful Mandala. If you like a pre-packaged color, just break off a bit and knead it until it is warm and soft. Roll a ball about the size of a small grape or blueberry. You may need a little trial and error to find the right size.

Gently flatten the ball into a disc with your fingers. You want it to be slightly smaller than the front of your locket. Make it as even as possible. Press the flattened disc of clay onto the front of your locket to match the curve of it. Dip your finger into a tiny bit of cornstarch and use that to smooth out the surface. Cornstarch helps to get rid of fingerprints and other small markings, plus acts as a slight resist for the leaves.

Press your leaf of choice into the clay, vein-side down. Gently peel it up to reveal its mark. If you are happy with this print proceed to step 7. If not, you can repeat the process until you are.

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It may take a little less time since the locket will heat up. Let cool completely, then gently push the clay disk to dislodge it from the metal. Glue it in place with a bit of epoxy. Mix some of the gold luster powder with a drop or two of the varnish to make a thin paste, then paint it over the surface of the leaf. Use a bit of slightly damp paper towel to brush off the gold on the raised part of the clay, leaving the gold in the veins.

Fruit of mindfull being with myself. Result of listening deeply to the inner woods :)

Let dry. Paint with the water-based varnish and let dry completely. Your locket is now ready to fill! I like to do this by sniffing different combinations with their lids open first and seeing which scents harmonize with each other. You may want some coffee beans to sniff every now and then when your nose gets overwhelmed to re-set the system as you do this.

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Walkthrough

Lavender, rose, and lemon balm are some of my favorites. Count your oils by drops into a small glass container. Pungent scents like clove will probably be used in smaller amounts than floral scents like rose. Set up a double boiler by placing a heat-proof pyrex measuring cup or ceramic bowl in a small saucepan with a couple of inches of water. Heat over medium heat. Pour the oil and the beeswax in the bowl or measuring cup and mix until fully melted.

Enduring Word Bible Commentary 1 Kings Chapter 8

Remove from heat and let sit for 30 seconds to cool down just a little before you add your essential oils blend. Add your essential oils and mix well, then use a metal spoon to carefully pour into the empty locket basin. Let sit until fully solidified, which takes about half an hour. Sacred Space Self Hypnosis: Now that you have your decorated locket filled with soothing solid perfume, you are ready to begin your journey to your inner sanctuary and build an association with that particular scent. Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down. Take a few deep belly breaths to help your body feel centered.

Anoint yourself with your perfume blend, placing some on your temples, in the middle of your forehead, and under your nose.

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One at a time, focus on each of your senses. What do you see? Close your eyes and sink into a feeling of relaxation. Begin with your feet. Notice how they feel, notice any tension, then spend a few moments breathing into that tension and relaxing it. Then move up to your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, etc. Any time you come across an area that feels extra tense, spend a little more time breathing into that tension and releasing it. Move on when it no longer feels tight. This part takes some focus and you might find other thoughts drifting across your consciousness.

Picture the stairs in your head: what are they made out of? What is the environment like? Are you barefoot? If so, what do the stairs feel like on the soles of your feet?

The more senses you can incorporate here, the better. Begin walking down these stairs slowly. With each step, feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and calm. Go slowly, remembering to breathe deeply and steadily. Once again, describe it to yourself in as much sensory detail as you can.

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Walk down the hallway until you find the door to your room. You may be surprised at the place your subconscious takes you. Open the door to your room and take in the sights. What does your room look like? How big is it? Is there any furniture? What is the overall feeling? Is it dark and cozy, perhaps with a lit fire and lots of candles? Or is it bright and open with lots of plants or windows? Survey your surroundings for a little while, feeling a sense of deep gratitude and happiness in your chest. This feels like coming home. Notice that on the other side of your room is another door, this time leading outside.

Go take a peek outside that door and view the landscape outside. Perhaps there is a beach with lapping waves, or a forest that extends off into the mountains. Your room serves as a base for other internal journeys.

4 Hours of Old-School Dungeon Synth & Medieval Dark Ambient - malapptherstisubs.ga

You can come down here at any time just to relax and feel safe and happy, or you can go out that other door into a whole new world to explore. Out in that world you might find animal guides, archetypes of healers, beautiful landscapes, and so much more. But for now just get settled into this magical room and make it really feel like your own. If you want to conjure up a hammock out of thin air, do so!

You can brew yourself a cup of tea, hang meaningful pictures on the walls, or simply just sit somewhere comfortable and look out the window to your own magical sanctuary. While you are there, be sure to envision smelling your special blend in your locket and feeling happy and comfortable.

As you step up, notice the changes in how you feel and even what you notice - perhaps you start to become slightly aware of the traffic outside your window, or the smell of dinner being cooked nearby.