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This session will present and reflect on the challenges of the science and policy interface around key issues of agriculture, transportation, and water resources, and consider the potential of certain policy responses to the climate and ecological crisis.

Participants in this plenary will debate the ability of empirical evidence to reliably guide public policy in a rapidly changing world, versus other reasoned criteria for policy choice such as constituent views or civic values. Scrutinizing the case of K education policy, the first speaker will argue that research on the effectiveness of educational interventions, if creatively designed and undertaken with alacrity, can supply policymakers with reliable and up-to-date information in a fast-paced world.

The second speaker will argue that other, non-evidentiary ways of guiding education policy should be formulated to more quickly and completely reflect rapid changes and produce reliable direction to policy-makers. Tuesday, July 30 th. Migration Policy and Its Global Impacts. This plenary will focus on modern migration policies and their impacts around the world. Speakers will include experts both on US and European migration challenges and the policies designed to ease them.

Structural Determinants of Social Inequities. The increase of social inequalities is one of the largest challenges humankind is facing in the 21st century. Social structural conditions and forces affect the wellbeing, quality of life, and health of the population as well as the generation of social inequities among different social groups and territories.

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Increasing evidence shows that these inequities exist between and within countries. This interactive plenary session will feature a conversation among the speakers, and between the speakers and audience, about topics such as what research is needed, policies that contributed to and increased inequities by race, gender, and class, among others, and the potential political and policy responses to eliminate these inequities.

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Rossi Award Steven D. Preliminary Program Our Program features descriptions and speaker details of the conference sessions. Web site design and web site development by Americaneagle.

Opening Plenary Session: Climate and the Ecological Crisis With global warming trends proceeding at an unprecedented rate and the pace of biodiversity loss at 1, times higher than the natural extinction rate, deciding about the character and scale of public policy response to such exceptional circumstances poses considerable challenges.

Sure, the Philistines had the advantage of being on higher ground, had thousands more fighting men, and had superior weaponry, but Jonathan refused to focus on these obvious factors. Instead, he placed his confidence in the promise and power of God, and the Lord delivered the Israelites. Explore Jonathan and his Armor Bearer further.

A popular lesson in any Sunday School curriculum, the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 teaches how God can use anyone for His will and that He will equip us in any battle we may face. Students can easily relate to the youth of David and his humble stature, which makes his courage and trust in the Lord such a powerful example for the coming generation.

Explore the story of David and Goliath further. As recorded in 1 Samuel 20, David and Jonathan were best friends. Jonathan knew that God was with David and that God had chosen him to take the place of his father, Saul, as the future king of Israel. But Saul could not so easily let go of what God had taken away. Explore the story of David and Jonathan further.

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The Wisdom of Solomon follows the triumphs and tragedies of this legendary king of Israel. This Sunday School lesson focuses on the account of King Solomon, the son of David, his wisdom, many wives and ultimate failure in sin. Being rich and famous does not satisfy. Only God does! Explore the Wisdom of Solomon further. After meeting with King Ahab and announcing a curse of famine on the land, Elijah was forced to flee to a stream where he received complete provision from the Lord. When the stream dried up, Elijah was sent to stay with a poor widow and her son.

God miraculously provided a continual supply of food for them throughout all the days of the famine. God hears the persistent prayers of Elijah and raises the boy from the dead. Explore the story of Elijah and the Widow further. Elijah shamed their false gods by showing the power of the One True God.

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Use this lesson to teach your kids Sunday School that God has proven Himself time and time again to His people and that He is the only One worthy of worship. Explore Elijah the Prophet further. The story of Naaman the Leper shows how he was healed by God through the prophet Elisha as seen in the book of 2 Kings, despite the fact that he was a Gentile. Naaman was told to bathe himself in the Jordan river, after which all his sores would be healed.

This story is a powerful picture of our salvation from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. Explore Naaman the Leper further. Horses and Chariots of fire opens with the Kings of Syria seeking to overcome Elisha with chariots and armed men. But Elisha saw what others could not, that the heavenly army of horses and chariots of fire were surrounding the scene, so he was not afraid. Explore Horses and Chariots of Fire further. Give Thanks to the Lord explores 2 Chronicles 20 where t he righteous King Jehoshaphat was suddenly faced with the danger of war.

Although he was at first afraid, he took his fear and anxiety to the Lord by leading his people to fast and pray. He helped restore courage in the hearts of the people by reminding them of how powerful their God was, and how faithful He had always been to them. The king lead the people in thanksgiving to the Lord, and God responded to their faith with the promise of a swift victory. The people praised and worshiped God all the way to the battle field, and the battle was won.

No weapons, no struggle—just the power of God! Explore Give Thanks to the Lord further. Jonah and the Whale has long been a Sunday School favorite. God sent Jonah to tell Nineveh to repent of their sins. Instead of obeying God, Jonah chose to disobey and flee God. Explore Jonah and the Whale further.

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The Prophet Isaiah is one of the major Old Testament prophets. This Sunday School Lesson focuses on the book of the prophet Isaiah who prophesied regarding Jesus, the coming Messiah. Isaiah told the people to repent of their sins and turn to God while painting a glorious portrait of the new heaven and earth. Explore the Prophet Isaiah further.

Jeremiah loved and trusted God, and remained committed to his call as a prophet to the people of Israel and Judah and to the nations of the world. Even though he was often rejected because of his message, he continued in courage to say what he was called to say, and do what he was called to do. Explore the story of the Prophet Jeremiah further. The Fiery Furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego teaches how God will protect us from those who seek to do harm to us when we follow Him.

Taken captive to the land of Babylon three young Hebrews face death for refusing to worship anyone but the living God.


In the end, they were delivered from harm and God was glorified! Queen Esther is one of the great heroines found in all of Scripture. God used Mordecai and Esther to deliver his people from the evil hand of Haman. This kids Bible lesson will remind your children that the time to do the right thing is always now!

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Explore the story of Queen Esther further. The Lord is my Shepherd is perhaps the most beloved of all Psalms. In this Sunday School lesson for kids the image of God is of a loving shepherd, and His people are His sheep. He is pictured as the benevolent provider, the bringer of a peace that is satisfying and permanent, the one who restores and heals, and the deliverer from death and destruction. Explore the Lord is my Shepherd further. Salvation from the curse of sin and death is found in Him alone.

The Story of Nehemiah gives the account of a harrowing rebuilding project that your kids will love!

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Your Sunday School curriculum should have a lesson on Nehemiah who left Babylon to return to Jerusalem and rebuild its walls. Your Sunday School class will know that when our eyes are set on the tasks that God has given us, nothing will stop us. Explore the Story of Nehemiah further. The Birth of Jesus is one of the most precious is kids Bible stories giving the account of the Birth of Jesus as given in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Mary, a virgin, gives birth to the Savior in a manger in Bethlehem, fulfilling many prophecies about the Messiah. So many signs were given to us to know who the Messiah would be when He came and we are left no room for doubt that Jesus was the only One who fulfilled all those prophecies. Explore the Birth of Jesus further.

The Magi Christmas Story follows the journey of a group of Magi, also known as wise men, in search of the promised King. One night, while they were gazing out into the night sky, they witnessed the brightest star they had ever seen. Convinced it was the announcement of the birth of the King they had been waiting for, they set off on a journey to find Him. Explore the Magi Christmas story further. The story begins with an angelic proclamation of good news and then moves to a humble stable where Jesus is born.

The action continues into the courts of an evil king named Herod and concludes with mysterious Wise Men from the East. Explore the Mary and Joseph Christmas story further.