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Might just be to give him character. Originalmente postado por Mareep :.

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Originalmente postado por SoftBonez :. Wisp was always named Io in the original dota. S y l a r Ver Perfil Ver Posts.

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Well they obviously have the choice between the heroes name or it's definition. Why isn't Anti Mage called Magina? I could go on and on about allmost all the other heroes.

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It's clearly a design choice. They choose what they seem to be more fitting.

Todos os direitos reservados. Usually will o' the wisp looks like a ball of light or a small flame. UFOs and some ghost lights are different, they are usually in the sky while will o' the wisps are near ground. It looks like a flickering lamp and is said to go farther back if approached.


Will O' the Wisps

This draws travellers from the safe paths. This is a folk belief in a lot of English folklore and in much of European folklore.

Wisp's Abilities

They are often said to be the work of fairies or elemental spirits. Some people thinks will o' the wisps are souls , spirits or spaceships.

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Scientists try to use a natural explanation. Some says they are gas , like methane , that goes up from the ground and burns.

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Other people says they are electric things, like ball lightning. One flying ball of light was explained: it was an owl that had a bright stomach.

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Sometimes diphosphine P 2 H 4 is also produced over the marshes which is highly inflammable gas. Therefore, it burns in air and causes a flickering glow. There are many old and new stories about will o' the wisps around the world.